As a respected and premier general contractor with a solid and complete safety program, we meet all of OSHA’s standards and guidelines. Our people in the field are our most valuable asset, whether it be a sub-contractor working on a project, a client who is visiting to observe or a family that shares the road with one of our construction vehicles.

At Marco Contractors, Inc., our philosophy about safety on the job starts from the top of our organization and is reinforced across all levels as a number one priority. Our senior executives have a firm commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone who touches the Marco Contractors’ brand across the country.


Safety Begins with Teamwork

At Marco Contractors, safety is more than just a slogan.  Our safety program is based on teamwork, as well as keen and timely observation as we look out for one another on the job. We have outlined an aggressive, proactive approach that ensures that everyone goes home safe at the end of each day. Our program includes careful planning, safety training, both in our offices and on the job site. Marco Contractors' safety director and safety support staff are responsible to promote daily safety policies, inspect work sites, understand and apply OSHA standards, hold safe work demonstrations and ensure our workforce is educated on the best and most timely practices in safety.

Building big projects often means big risks, so we don’t take chances. Marco Contractors employs a zero tolerance policy for policy violations whether committed by our employees or subcontractors. Throughout the execution of our work, we are devoted to creating work environments that exceed national safety standards and protect all stakeholders.

Our philosophy is that aggressive safety practices help to prevent safety issues before they occur. We make every effort to keep "Team Marco" working in perfect harmony.